Geosite Development Strategies


Geosite represents one or several geological heritages having an aesthetic or interesting point to distinguish with other sites. Currently, Belitong Geopark has 17 geosites and 1 interesting places. 


Geotrail is a trail path that conveys the experience of geotourism that is connected to the geological and morphological regions as a basis for attracting visitors, education, and recreation (Robinson, Undated).


  • Beach
  • Sightseing & recreation


The Nam Salu Open Pit – History of the largest hard rock tin discovery in Southeast Asia Region

  • Garumedang Tektites
  • The Siantu Pillow Lava – The History of a lost ancient ocean (Palaeo Tethys)


  • The Bukit Peramun Granite Forest
  • The Cendil Tropical Heath Forest
  • The Gunong Tajam Quartzite – The Belitong Peak Point


  • The Bukit Peramun Granite Forest
  • The Tebat Rasau Cenozoic Swamp
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Each destination has a different character, and with a very amazing beauty, you can easily find several places on your vacation.

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Geosite Development Strategies
Geosite Development Strategies

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