Bio & Cultural Heritage

Belitong Island

Belitong Island offers the world class geological & biology heritages. The significance geological heritage is represented by the beautiful granite morphology at sea environment, the history of the largest tin deposit discovery, the history of the black diamond from the sky, the ancient Rheotropic swamp related to the Sundaland movement, and the trace of the loss of ancient oceans, Palaeo Tethys.

The global biological heritage is characterized by the world’s smallest primata (Chepalopacus Bancanus Saltator), is called as Pelile’en in local. This animal is family of Tarsiidae which can only be found in Southern Sumatra, Bangka, Belitong, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and South Philipines. This animal has been recognized as a part of the phenomenal history of the last glacier period (Pleistocene) in southeast Asia Region which is an endemic animal in Belitong. The Belitong Pelile’en has an unique behaviour compared by the other species which can only be investigated from their urine smells with no sound. They feed insects and inhabitant in an open space with the small trees.

Some indigenous cultures are still being developed by the Belitung community. The most prominent is the art of folding, which is fighting martial arts dexterity using a rattan. No less interesting is also Sea Measles developed by the Sawang Tribe. In addition there are many dances from traditional dance like Sepen.

Not only performing arts, the people of Belitung also develop various handicrafts, from traditional crafts such as lais leaf mats, woven rattan, gemstones, to many art creations sold in souvenir shops in the city of Tanjung Pandan.

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Bio & Cultural Heritage

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