Introduce World-Class Geological Heritage

TANJUNGPANDAN – Industrial revolution 4.0 began in 2011. Which emphasizes the relationship between humans, machines, and data that can be found everywhere. The advent of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, has changed the business model globally using super computer technology. As information technology-based business opportunities today.

This also encouraged the Belitong Geopark Consultant, Veri Yadi MSc, MCSM, to develop the tourism sector based on the 4.0 revolution. Namely, with the management of “Tourism & The Digital Transformation”. Therefore the application of Belitong Geopark was officially launched by Veri Yadi to answer the current industrial world trend that has entered the industrial revolution 4.0, the era of millennium.

Consultant Geopark Belitong, Veri Yadi MSc, MCSM

This application is closely related to business start-up. Thus the tourism sector has a great opportunity given the large number of millennial tourists. Because, they are very close to the use of car-based application technology.

Veri said, Frans (2018) noted that there are around 2.5 billion potential millennial tourists in the world to communicate about tourist areas with social media. They also watch footage of a tourist destination with YouTube, connected with live music with internet access.

“Not only that, the way they documented holiday moments with interesting underwater displays and aerial photographs using drones. All of that, they connect with various social media platforms. Therefore, we launch the Belitong Geopark application, “Veri said.

He further said, millennial tourists have the habit of using 4 to 5 tools as social media and work. They are very active in interacting on social media, and tend to schedule holidays around 5 times a year.

He stressed again, the use of the Belitong Geopark application is important, in order to follow the trend of world revolution 4.0, which is suspected by the emergence of many start-up companies. Plus, the use of the internet and smart cellular has now reached many layers of society. Including also to answer the needs of millennial tourists totaling 2.5 billion.

The need for up-to-date information, Veri said, is mostly derived from social media and applications. Thus the Belitong Geopark application answers current tourism needs. “Namely, by penetrating the millennial market by offering the latest application technology, as well as dynamic content to meet their taste needs,” said Veri.

“This Belitong Geopark application describes what the Belitong Geopark, Belitong strengths as a candidate for world-class geopark, as well as tourist destinations that will be connected with google map. Which will make it easier for tourists to go to that location, “he continued.

This application describes in detail each geosite, which is strengthened by geological, biological, and cultural heritage and attractions that contain elements of recreation and education. Each geosite will bring up regional souvenirs that refer to inheritance, which is closely related to the geology & biology of the region.

Furthermore, Veri said, this application also explained about the world geological heritage of Belitong Island, the history of its formation and natural phenomena from a geological point of view. Biological heritage is explained as a natural force that will be taught and conservation as part of a sustainable development effort.

To meet the demands of modern tourists who need freedom, are more dynamic and personal. Then this application provides services for hotel reservations and transportation, to facilitate tourists in arranging holiday programs.

Various types of typical Geopark Belitong culinary and the history of the appearance of the word Veri were presented in the Belitong Geoaprk application. This application answers Indonesia’s emerging tourism market opportunities by applying industrial technology 4.0. “This is all to capture the market opportunities of millennial tourists who are expected to become the market leaders of the country ‘s start – up in the tourism sector services,” he said. (* / yud)