Chase your dreams

The Story of Veri Yadi Realizing Dreams since childhood

Belitung Island or known as the Land of Laskar Pelangi, is now heading towards Unesco Global Geopark (UGGp). The effort to achieve the status of the World-class Earth Park area was apparently inseparable from the struggle of the sons of the Belitung region, Veri Yadi. How is the story, following the results of the conversation with the Belitong Ekspres Jawa Pos Grup.

IT LOOKS that there is no other choice for Belitung if you want to become a world-class destination. Belitung must get the UGGp label, as the key to success of the main points of tourism development namely Attractions, Access, and Amenities (3A).

However, for the process of getting a UGGp brand is not an easy matter. Efforts to introduce the potential of geological heritage on Belitung Island began in 2016. Need an expert to explore and introduce this potential.

Tit for tat. Belitung Island turned out to have a regional son, who has a mining background and is an expert in the field of geology. He is Veri Yadi MSc, MCSM, who is now a Belitong Geopark Consultant.

Veri’s spirit was moved to serve the beloved Belitong Island. This was based on seeing the depletion of tin reserves in Belitong which were very thick with people’s lives and were the prime movers of the local economy. Therefore, according to Veri, a new alternative is needed to move the economy of the Belitong community.

The growing economic opportunity at that time was the tourism sector with the start of Laskar Pelangi fever. At the same time ITB 81 proposed to launch a Geopark in Belitong. This is an unexpected blessing for Veri, to be involved in the provision of mining science, which has to do with geology.
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